9/24/09 ~ Meeting Notes

Here is the list of everyone's assigned topics:
1) Dan- Brief History of Jack's ascent into the particular industry

2) Kennya- What management skills made Jack so unique & why his style is so successful in his industry.
3) Chris- Why Jack is looked upon as a innovative manager/leader compared to other managers
4) Rich- Relate the skills to those theories we have read in class

5) Alex- Summary of the groups points and the practices still living today that were derived from Jack..
.. excluding presentation wrapp up until i get all the info!

Our goal is for everyone to come to Wednesday's meeting ( after class) with all of the following:
1) All your research completed and ready to explain your part to the other team members
2) Have your slides just about completed and up on the wiki ( or email them to Alex) by class time.
3) Have an idea of what you want to cover in your 5 minutes of speaking

1) do all of the prep work before Wednesdays 09/30 Class
2) Format the power point all together
3) Run through the presentation so we can find the gaps and whole and what we each need to work on individually and as a team.
4) find another time to meet before the presentation date: 10/ 07/09

Collaborativepower point draft one:
draft 2:

Draft 3:

Draft 4 - 10/4/09 - 9:34 pm
Richard Orsi - I have revised much of my content. Slides are updated. Sources are updated and formatted.

Draft 5- 10/05/09 - 5:32 p.m. added the new picture to my author slide

Draft 6 6:04 p.m. ~ here are chris's slides in the collaborative pp..

Another draft - Dan - I updated my section with notes and a few facts, and added to the summry for my part.

Here is the draft that includes everyone's updated slides.. this is as of 6:57


Final, Final -