Research the results of the Elton Mayo's Hawthorne Experiments. Briefly summarize what the experiments were about, but describe in depth what others who followed have said about the Experiments, including their value, contributions and interpretations. What did mayo do that would NOT be done today from an experimental practice standpoint.

1. Hawthorne's Experiments
a. what's their value/contributions/interpretation

2. Hawthorne's followers comments regarding the experiments
a. Their value/contributions/interpretations

3. What would Mayo not do today in experimental practice


Okay so this is the outline we have decided will be the outline. Please look over and let us know any changes you would like to make:

1. History of Mayo (ALEX)

2. Experiments & Conclusions (RICH)

3. Followers (KENNYA)

4. Relevance to the course theories (DAN) taylor +1

5. What he did that he wouldn't do today in the experimental practice (CHRIS )

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11/18/09 Presentation Day*
Meet at 5:45 in the library to review our speeches and go over the power point one last time.
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